A troubled young man

Conor Kelman comes of age during a time when hyperactivity was unlabeled. Teachers and parents considered him to be insolent, stubborn, and difficult to control. After all, he never paid attention and was always in the wrong place. In those days, parents and teachers used the switch, belt, and paddle to correct him.


The fifth-grade teacher used corporal punishment. She called hitting students with her hand or whatever she used, love pats. Conor’s best friend, Billy Dill, said Conor was the most loved kid in fifth grade.


Conor’s first love was a dog called Sport and Gabbie, the Gibson guitar he brought home from a pawnshop. The ghost of Red Nolan came with the guitar, but Conor and the ghost had a love and hate relationship.


The boy met Wylina in third grade. Three years later, his childhood sweetheart introduced him to coffee and cigarettes in an abandoned house in the apple orchard. They planned to marry after graduating from eighth grade.


With no warning, Conor's dad moved the family hundreds of miles away during seventh grade. 


Wylina went to the Caldwell Fair with another boy.


Conor gave up trying to fit-in. Under a dark cloud, he searched for something to call his own.


People of all ages struggle with behavioral and learning disorders or have friends and family who do. Your thoughts and ideas will help others. Please share.

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