Human Experience

Human Experience

The only decision Garth Andrews faces is whether to brew another cappuccino. But that's before the chime of the doorbell turns his life upside down.

A cast of colorful characters--humans, and spirits.

Halloween Party

Twists and turns


Can a man find love in a haunted house?

Stay at home dad Garth Andrews answers the door, states his name, and signs away the life he knows. He accepts the summons, opens the envelope and gets stuck on the word Divorce, feeling the effect of a Novocain shot in body and mind.

Be gone before we return--I don't want a scene in front of the children. 

Two kids: a rebellious thirteen-year-old girl going on twenty, and a four-year-old autistic boy.

I left a note for you in the office.

Pushed aside from the envelope marking his name in black is an open file. Garth, it cries out. He takes the key and the Polaroid picture of the house from the folder, and leaves. Minutes later, he makes a jerky stop and sits in the still quiet, finding strange comfort in the sinister look of the Victorian that towers before him.

The mother goes to Paris, the children move in, and an order of ghosts invade the house the night of his daughter's Halloween party. Spirits and humans, good and evil, intertwine. Garth is torn between saving his children from harm or staying with the beautiful, Annalee. Will he follow his heart or give in to the power of lust?

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